If you are a foreigner who lives in Bulgaria or is just visiting, is willing to be more than a tourist, and is ready for a new experience,

Step to Bulgaria can be your coach in:

  • acquiring Bulgarian language in an easy, fast, amusing and effective way;
  • understanding Bulgarian culture (even the subtlest nuances of it);
  • exploring Bulgaria from an alternative angle and thus seeing it with new eyes.




  • It has been a great pleasure for me to attend the Step to Bulgaria language and culture courses, presented by Nadia Staneva.  Having only a small grasp of the Bulgar...

    Peta-Ann Small
  • I arrived in Bulgaria from America in early spring, for an indefinite stay without speaking a word of Bulgarian. The thought of having to learn a very different language in a total...

    Lorenzo Estenabez
  • Learning a language in a new country can be quite a stressful and demanding experience. Learning with Nadia though is fun, relaxing and rewarding. Nadia will adapt the pace and int...

    Gary Foster
  • I first came to Bulgaria in 2007 with the goal of volunteering with a well established American volunteer organization. In order to be effective in my work I needed to both learn t...

    Jeff Warner
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